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Fishing with Friends July 2011


Welcome to Malta Fishing Trips

12.02.2013 - The site has been running since February 2010 and has continued to generate interest and enquiries from like minded people wanting to go out fishing. However as demand continued to increase it became apparent that we needed to try and cater for those looking for 1/2 day trips with little or not fishing experience. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with some guys offering shared or dedicated charters on a brand new custom Petecraft 27 foot Sports open boat powered by Twin Mariner 150 hp four stroke engines. This boat is fast, dry and comfortable for getting out to do some bottom fishing, trolling or jigging trips.

We will continue to offer cost sharing trips on various local boats.

07.02.2010 - Today we created the Malta Fishing Trips website and over the next few weeks we will start to customise this site until it eventually becomes fully functional.

Malta Fishing Trips is brought to you by the Malta Fishing Forum who have now been up and running since the 21st April 2006. With nearly 3,000 members to date, the Malta Fishing Forum can proudly say that it has become the number one resource concerning fishing in Malta, advice and tips for both fishing and marine related issues such as the best boats and engines, along with working closely with authorities in order to safeguard our hobby by providing meaningful feedback. The Malta Fishing Forum discussion forum is where it all happens, whilst the website provides a general overview and introduction. Be sure to check them out, whether you are locally based in Malta, planning to visit and do some fishing, or you're just curious to know what kind of fishing we get up to!


Fishing in Malta

You might be wondering what type of offshore fishing you can do when visiting Malta, and the best places to go by boat. Our skippers have been fishing for several years and will take you to the best spots, however in general the West Coast of Malta provides the best results. In Malta we have Bluewater right up to the coastline unlike other parts of the world where they need to go several miles offshore to get out of the kelp and green waters.

Trolling is extremely popular and can be performed inside the ports and 500m from the shoreline for smaller fish right up to 25nm offshore for the larger pelagic species like Dorado (Lampuki), Bluefin Tuna (Catch and Release), Mediterranean Sailfish (Pastardella), Albacore Tuna (Alungi), Swordfish (Catch and Release) and various other types from the Tuna family.

In addition you can go jigging for various species including Dentex, Amberjack, Barracuda, do bottom fish or extreme deep drop bottom fishing using electric reels and special rigs, or how about some drifting whilst chumming and chunking for pelagic fish.

Check out the Malta Fishing Forum for a complete run down on what's being caught right now!

Keep checking this section for a calendar that shows you what fish to expect at different times of the year, so that you can plan your fishing trip at the best time of the year to suit your needs.


Cost Sharing and Charters

Cost Sharing

What is Cost Sharing? When you book with Malta Fishing Trips you are going out with the skipper on a cost sharing basis; the skipper will tell you before hand what type of trip he is planning and where he intends to go and on the basis of that information and availability on the boat, you can then confirm a booking. This is not a commercial venture and there is no fee where a receipt is provided, rather a contribution towards the running and apportioned maintenance costs of the boat and it's gear (tackle). Cost sharing is not a rental or charter, it is an opportunity to go out fishing with other likeminded people, make new friends and share the running costs for the day.

All Fish caught on the day belong to the Skipper, and it is his sole discretion whether or not to share the catch. However we do suggest you ask both in advance and on the day if you are interested in taking a fish home, as it will also depend on the catch (quantity, type etc).


New for 2013, Malta Fishing Trips can now also take bookings for the traditional fishing charters. Unlike a cost sharing trip, there are two types of charters - Shared and Dedicated. On a shared charter you will be joined with up to 8 other people interested in going out on a trip either as a spectator or fishing and usually this will be a 1/2 day coastal bottom fishing trip, leaving from Central Malta. Return transport is included along with a snack and a drink.

On a dedicated charter the fishing party charter the entire boat for their exclusive use and the trip is tailored to their needs in advance. You can take up to a total of 9 people on the trip and all equipment, bait, tackle etc is included along with return transport, a snack and a drink. Dedicated charters can be 1/2 day or full day trips and can also include a stop for swimming and snorkelling.

All Fish caught on a dedicated charter belong to the fishing party, whilst on a shared charter this is at the skipper's discretion.


Petecraft 27 Open

Full Specifications:

Overall Length: 28"
Top Speed: 42.7mph
Power: Twin Mariner 150hp 4-Stroke Outboards

Salient Features

Fully enclosed WC head with sink, cockpit fresh water shower

Fishing Capacity for Nine People in dedicated seats, Fusion Marine Sound System

Types of Fishing Trips

  • Coastal Trolling
  • Offshore Trolling 
    Coastal Bottom Fishing
  • Deep Drop bottom fishing with electric reels
  • Jigging
Fishing Equipment
  • Outriggers
  • Lowrance GPS/Chartplotter/Fish Finder
  • High Performance Electric Reels for Deep Bottom Fishing
  • Jigging Rods/Reels

Event Calendar

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Malta Fishing Trip's Trojan F-26 is up for sale and will not be available for trips in 2013. If you're interested in purchasing this excellent sport fishing boat you can find more information HERE